At DNA Allure, we work with the top doctors and specialist in the healthcare industry to provide you with customized beauty and diet solutions unique to you and your genes. With over 2 decades in the DNA testing field, DNA Allure is well versed in the world of genetics and using your own genetic makeup to determine the best possible approach to enhancing your overall health. The DNA Allure Skin Test and DNA Allure Healthy Diet and Nutrition Test use chromosomal micro-array to detect single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) from a simple mouth swab sample. We then provide a genetic analysis of your own DNA to determine the best recommendations and treatments that are unique to you and your needs. 


With thanks to the Human Genome Project (HGP) completion in 2003, we can scientifically provide the best possible research and analysis of your genes and genetic variation and how they relate to your overall health and fitness. We continually update our databases as new discoveries unfold in the healthcare industry and our medical team evaluates your genetic material to provide you with the best recommendations up to date. With our DNA testing kits, you will uncover the framework needed to customize your health. Beauty is your nature, and we work hard to uncover your true beauty through science. 

A New Era in Personalized Health

A New Era in Personalized Health

The use of genetic analysis of your DNA to customize and uncover specific recommendations tailored directly to your needs. 



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Who can do the
DNA Allure Test?

    • Anyone looking to personalize their diet/skincare routine
    • Individuals of all ages, 
    • People concerned with common skin conditions like fine lines/wrinkles or acne prone skin
    • People looking to improve overall health and diet
    • People looking to better understand there body and how their own genes affect their overall health